Hotline: (+84) 933.883.368


Welcome to Marguerite Spa!

Offering pioneering therapies and a holistic philosophy, we are proud on being one of the best spa in Hanoi voted by guest. 

The quest for good health through massage and use of natural herbal remedies is an ancient tradition. Experience this tradition, handed down through countless generations, in the restored in house of Marguerite Spa.

With a host of private treatment rooms and specialty suites, Marguerite Spa offers an exclusive and relaxing atmosphere. Décor has been influenced by modern style, while our state-of-the-art treatments and hydrotherapy facilities are world-class.

Guests begin their experience with a short walk along the central and busy street, which is situated in the Old quarter to spa. They are then welcomed with a soothing tea, and private consultation that allows the therapist to tailor the treatment to individual needs.


Add  : 297 Au Co str, Tay Ho dist, Hanoi.

Contact : +84933883368


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